Grupo Mawamba, is a Costa Rican, family owned company with more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality business. The company is still run and operated by the Dada family, with the mission of sharing with our visitors the true tradition of Costa Rican Hospitality, while transmitting our respect for the natural heritage of the country. Being a family owned company we cherish our core values that integrate honesty, transparency, high quality service, preservation of our natural resources and the support for the local communities that embrace our properties. At Grupo Mawamba’s properties guests will enjoy fun filled adventures, unique natural discoveries and a balance between a rustic atmosphere, unparalleled jungle beauty and Costa Rican traditional service.

Back in 1983, a Costa Rican couple, Mauricio Dada & Norma Arrea , ventured to offer a new trip into Tortuguero National Park aboard “La Mawamba”, the boat that made the 3-day & 2 night trip from Limón, 2 times per week. Off the beaten track, Tortuguero, was a journey of experiences for nature lovers, biologists, special interest groups and ornithologists, who despite the rudimentary conditions of travel, enjoyed the natural beauty of “Tortuguero National Park. As it happens with time, effort and hard work, Grupo Mawamba consolidated into an independent Hotel and hospitality development company. Its properties include: