Team members at Grupo Mawamba work under the philosophy that comes from Senior Management to “provide services in the utmost personalized, hospitable and unique way”.

In the same way, it is necessary that any new and potential tourist attraction goes parallel to the ideology of the team, and the tourist attractions that are already in operation. 


To be a company that is based on sharing with the visitor, through the true tradition of Costa Rican hospitality that characterizes us as Costa Ricans and at the same time transmit respect for the natural heritage of the country. Besides, work with a fundamental pillar: to offer our team and their family members with a respectable life, as we are certain that if our team workers are fine, they will be able to offer quality service to foreign visitors


 To consolidate as a chain of tourist services throughout the national territory, under the premise of 100% Costa Rican capital, through family re investment.  

Our Values

Being a family owned company, the core values have been the same since the foundation of the organization. We haveprotected these values to shape our beliefs and encourage the best behavior in the dynamics of the tourism world where we develop.

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • High quality service
  • Personalized service
  • Preserve natural resources
  • The tradition of Costa Rican Hospitality
  • Support the local community that embraces our properties
  • Respect, at all times, our team members, clients and suppliers to coexist in harmony